Monday, October 8, 2007

Gaia Answers!

This interview was conducted Thursday.

Maxeem: I'm here with Earth, and she has something to explain to Illumibody-slam. What's up, ma?

Gaia: Blub blublub blub blub

M: What's that? I can't understand what you're saying.

G: [psychically] You can't hear me speak English. I'm a planet.

M: [flustered] Sorry, let me turn on the mic's psychic translator device.

G: I am already quite weary of the verbal assault by Illumibody-slam, and so I did not respond immediately to his challenge.

M: You're saying you're not a coward then? WOOPS! Did I say that out loud? OH no, I'm thinking it ...

G: Unlike the creatures that walk among me, as immortal as they claim to be, I have a very good grasp of super abilities, and so I do not think so many negative thoughts as you humans do. However, I respect your opinion that I am a coward.

M: Yeah yeah shut up and get to the point you fat b*tch ... oh sh*t, I didn't meant to think that - can you turn that thing off, please?

G: I will turn it off shortly. I have only this to say: I can see clear through your lies, Illumi, clearer than you are capable of fearing. I have waited until you have forgotten the challenge you spoke of in order to address it: I shall give you the spanking that you have requested. See you in the ring.

M: Tough words! Tough words ... for a woma- god-dammit-give-me-that-microphone!!!



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